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State and Local Agencies Dive into Mobility Initiatives

Mobility strategies aren't just for multinational corporations and federal agencies - state and local leaders are making efforts across the nation to beef up their mobile infrastructure and provide end users with greater flexibility and control over workflow. As these initiatives are catching on...

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A New Era of Hybrid Cloud Computing Environments

IT leaders have been pushing data center optimization efforts to the extreme in recent years, with consolidation and virtualization becoming the norm in server environments throughout the nation. Even if you have only dabbled in such initiatives, it's only natural that your efficiency and...

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Cyber Security Demands IT Tools and User Awareness

Cyber security remains a hotly discussed topic at every level of corporate and public organizations, as new stories appear weekly highlighting the challenges of network protection in this turbulent digital environment. From local and state government organizations to multinational conglomerates, no...

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Integrated Applications - The Next Step in IT Modernization

Piecing together a completely modernized IT infrastructure is a much more involved process than simply switching out a few servers and storage units and beefing up network capacity. Even if you have virtualized your entire IT environment, there may still be many end user demands that you have yet...

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Prioritize These 5 Cloud Essentials

By now, you've likely deployed a host of cloud services throughout your organization, and seen great results in the process. Nevertheless, cloud computing is not a cure-all, and without a handful of essential features supporting your off-premise environments, you may not be leveraging the full...

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Why The Hesitation? Overcoming Cloud Computing Skepticism

Cloud computing has come a long way since its early iterations, and virtual machines can now be found in both on- and off-premise data centers across the enterprise. With such widespread adoption in the private sector, however, why does the cloud still carry negative connotations when considered by...

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Mobility Strategies Demand Security and Device Diversity

You don't need to be an IT expert to recognize that mobile device management strategies are taking the enterprise world by storm, as decision-makers across management teams, departments and industries continue to develop BYOD and other remote access policies in their organizations.

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The Demise of One-Size-Fits-All Cyber Security

It wasn't too long ago that only a firewall and handful of clever passwords could protect a multinational enterprise or federal agency against cybercriminal threats. With a few user training sessions and the occasional firmware update, an organization was fully safeguarded from the hackers who...

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Hurricane Season: Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Enough?

Like any forward-thinking IT professional, you've likely brought your organization up to date with the latest disaster recovery solutions to support your systems in the event of an emergency. After all, there is no telling when a natural disaster or human error may put your tech assets out of...

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4 Game-Changing Cloud Computing Predictions

Cloud computing has quite possibly received more press, acclaim and hype than any other contemporary IT movement, and decision-makers have not let up in their enthusiasm about these revolutionary products and services. Between the agility of Software-as-a-Service, the efficiency of virtual...

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Top Agencies Set a New Standard for Cloud Adoption

Time and again, cloud computing proves that less is more in the world of modern IT. If you've migrated any of your applications or storage units to a cloud environment, you've already recognized the cost-effectiveness and resource efficiency advantages of these moves. However, recent developments...

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5 Cloud Migration Tips - Why Communication is Key

Cloud computing and software-defined networking in general has long been a topic of interest in the world of IT, and you have likely leveraged some form of these technologies for use in your own digital environments. With such high demand for off-premise services and skyrocketing expectations from...

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Solving BYOD Shortcomings - IT and Privacy Perspectives

Achieving greater mobility with the help of personal devices and flexible networks is a high-level priority for decision-makers in every corner of the public and private sectors. Still, a number of roadblocks have kept organizations from getting the most out of their mobile initiatives, struggling...

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Cloud Computing Offers Diverse, Powerful Applications

To say that cloud computing has been a major trend in the IT world in the past few years would be a gross understatement, as the technology has been adopted across sectors both public and private in a variety of contexts. From individually packaged Software-as-a-Service offerings to...

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Virtualization - Are You on The Cutting Edge?

As a government IT decision-maker, you have more than enough responsibilities to fill your schedule. That's why consolidating your tech footprint and minimizing your daily task list can be a such a major relief for you and your in-house teams. Data center optimization is a top priority for CIOs...

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