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3 Ways to Prepare for a New Era of IT Risk

Enterprise risk management is a completely different animal in the digital era, and you have a lot more on your plate when it comes to identifying, assessing and mitigating the areas in which your organization can suffer loss and inefficiency. In the IT department alone, there is a seemingly...

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4 BYOD Integration Secrets Unveiled

Mobility initiatives in the federal environment have been the subject of both acclaim and criticism, and to many agency IT leaders, strategies such as BYOD still remain a topic shrouded in mystery. While you may recognize the myriad benefits of this approach, there are likely some gaps in your...

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3 Unexpected Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

Now that programs such as the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative are urging organizations to cut down on server sprawl and make the most of available resources, there's been plenty of buzz surrounding virtual desktop infrastructure as a way to bolster efficiency. The benefits of desktop...

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Millennial Workers Demand BYOD Flexibility

There isn't a segment of the workforce more eager and enthused about the bring-your-own-device movement than Generation Y. Employees aged 33 and below have literally been raised alongside the development of the digital revolution, and their demands have been made loud and clear across every corner...

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The Future of Federal IT Storage is Software-Defined

As a leader in the federal IT arena, you're always striving to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency in your data center optimization efforts, all while balancing budgets and looking for cost saving opportunities. However, it may seem that your data centers and networks hang in a tenuous state...

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Observe Cyber Security Awareness Month in Your Organization

This October brings the 10th anniversary of the Department of Homeland Security's Cyber Security Awareness Month, and there has truly never been a better time for enterprise and public leaders to buckle down on their network protection strategies. According to IT Business Edge, the year that has...

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3 Big Challenges In The Federal IT Arena

As an IT leader in the federal government environment, you're no stranger to adversity. With the rapid development of technology and the urgency of staying ahead of the curve, it often seems like the process of adoption, integration and optimization is a never ending cycle. The unpredictability of...

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3 Essential Keys to Mobile Device Management

Federal agencies have deployed a diverse set of tactics over the past several years to bring their mobility and remote access efforts up to speed with innovations in the private sector. As you have explored the many options of BYOD, device management software and policies for teleworkers, it's...

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Survey Reveals Shortage of Cloud Cyber Security Measures

A lack of confidence in cloud computing security measures is holding decision-makers back from maximally protecting their network assets. Despite advancements in hybrid cloud technology that enable highly interconnected IT environments, enterprise and public organizations still aren't achieving...

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Federal Agencies Strive to Empower Mobile Workforce

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Government Leaders Set the Bar for Collaborative IT

Collaboration is more than a buzzword in the contemporary IT landscape. Individuals, teams and departments need to keep channels of communication open at all times, with the support of every device imaginable. Of course, coordinating these operations across a government agency is no small feat,...

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