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Federal CIOs shoulder new IT responsibilities

The work of a federal agency CIO is never complete, with an endless stream of duties and tasks posing challenges from one quarter to the next. According to a recent article from FCW, the responsibilities of these leaders are on the verge of a major overhaul, as IT becomes a more integral part of...

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Server 2003 end of life poses cyber security challenges

News of Windows Server 2003's imminent end of life - slated for mid-July 2015 - has the IT community abuzz with a variety of conversation threads. Update strategies, migration techniques and application overhauls are just a few of the topics making a splash in data center discussions everywhere,...

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How is cloud computing evolving?

Cloud computing has become one of the more exciting and ubiquitous technologies in the public and private sectors throughout the past several years, driven by organizations' need for agile, affordable and modernized IT frameworks. Not so long ago, researchers and analysts were asserting that the...

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Teleworking gains momentum across federal agencies

The private sector paved the way for the teleworking trend several years back, as the introduction of remote access policies served as the next logical step toward enterprise flexibility following new technologies such as the cloud, smartphones and applications built for mobility. Now, that trend...

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Remote access policies demand strong security measures

File sharing, sync and collaboration tools are a staple of the modern workplace, expediting team-based processes and allowing employees to interact via dynamic channels of communication. Since a vast majority of information dispersed across the organization takes a digital form, however, employees...

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Data center optimization reduces physical footprints

With the rise of virtualization techniques, data center experts have enjoyed reduced capital expense requirements, diminished maintenance demands and an easier way to procure applications for local and remote end users. It's no secret that the growth of in-house servers and storage appliances is on...

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IT leaders seek to reclaim cloud cyber security

FedScoop highlighted the urgency of cloud security, but there are plenty of ways to strengthen your network's safeguards moving forward. As you rely more heavily on off-premise systems to power your IT operations, you'll have to work much more closely with your vendors to safely and securely...

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Virtualization adoption reaches new heights

Organizations worldwide are harnessing the power of virtualization to cut costs in their physical asset expenditure, deliver high-performance applications to remote users and reduce the level of labor required for data center optimization efforts. It's for these reasons that technologies such as...

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Federal agencies face cybercriminal threats

The private sector has stood in the spotlight of cyber security scrutiny and concern for a while now, with an endless stream of retailers and financial institutions falling victim to large-scale digital attacks. While breaches in the public arena have not eclipsed the scale of these enterprise...

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Overcoming cloud migration roadblocks

The cloud is all the rage across the private and public sectors, but if you've encountered difficulties migrating your legacy assets to off-premise environments, you aren't the only one. According to recent research from CompTIA's Fifth Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study, widespread cloud...

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Cloud Computing Priorities Emerge in 2015

The cloud has maintained a high position on the IT to-do lists of executive decision-makers across the digital landscape, but as 2015 rolls around, these leaders are taking a new perspective on the technology and shifting priorities to fully embrace its power. Between data center consolidation...

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Windows Server 2003 end of life: 3 Key questions

End of life for the Windows Server 2003 operating system is just around the corner, slated for July 14, 2015. This data center counterpart for Microsoft's seminal personal OS - Windows XP - has be a staple of back end operations across the enterprise and public IT landscapes for more than a decade,...

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