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Windows Server 2003 end of life: 3 Key questions

End of life for the Windows Server 2003 operating system is just around the corner, slated for July 14, 2015. This data center counterpart for Microsoft's seminal personal OS - Windows XP - has be a staple of back end operations across the enterprise and public IT landscapes for more than a decade,...

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How are health care providers tackling cyber security?

The health care sector has been among the most actively pursuant of new technologies, with firms deploying a wealth of novel solutions to reduce errors, drive the success of patient care and improve efficiency across the board. Electronic medical record systems, mobility, cloud computing and myriad...

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Virtualization adoption reaches new heights

Organizations worldwide are harnessing the power of virtualization to cut costs in their physical asset expenditure, deliver high-performance applications to remote users and reduce the level of labor required to support aging end-point computers. It's for these reasons that technologies such as...

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Agencies Enjoy Cost Savings and Convenience of Virtualization

As the digital age barrels forward, agency directors are putting efficiency above all, consolidating physical appliances with the help of converged server systems and kicking data center optimization efforts into high gear. While the benefits of virtualization and other resource-saving techniques...

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IT Leaders Enter 2015 With Boosted Budgets

Thus far, 2014 has been a pivotal year for the IT landscape, as decision-makers opened their minds to ideas such as social media, cloud resources and mobility in the enterprise. Now that the new year is just around the bend, these leaders are looking to put their money down on these developments...

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