Cloud Computing Offers Diverse, Powerful Applications

To say that cloud computing has been a major trend in the IT world in the past few years would be a gross understatement, as the technology has been adopted across sectors both public and private in a variety of contexts. From individually packaged Software-as-a-Service offerings to all-encompassing infrastructure configurations, organizations have greater access to enterprise-grade IT resources without having to pay Forbes 500 prices to do so.

No small feat

Due to increasingly widespread acceptance of cloud-based services and tools, vendors around the globe have tapped into a range of niche markets that serve even the most particular IT needs. With so many offerings on the shelves, there is no shortage of opportunity for you to achieve the dynamic potential of this ever-improving technology. Even if your IT shop serves a small or midsize workforce, the cloud has a place in your configuration. In fact, research has shown that cloud may benefit your data center optimization efforts even more if you run a small operation.

According to a recent article from SmallBizTrends, Intuit and Emergent Research have predicted that by 2020, cloud computing will be in an IT staple in 78 percent of small business tech blueprints. The current adoption rate is 37 percent, meaning that cloud will be more than twice as prevalent in around five years. The study, entitled "Small Business Success in the Cloud," made it clear that cloud is for everyone, urging decision-makers in all sectors and market segments to discover for themselves what the technology can do for them.

"Whether you're a tech startup in Silicon Valley or a mom-and-pop shop on Main Street, cloud technology presents both radically new opportunities, and potentially disruptive changes," said Vice President and General Manager of QuickBooks Online Ecosystem at Intuit Terry Hicks, according to the source. "This report is all about developing a deep understanding of how small business can stay ahead of the curve."

Changing times

Catching up with rapid cloud adoption isn't just about making the most of your IT department's budget and time, but also securing a place in the market of the future. With competition peaking across all sectors, it is imperative that you remain ahead of the curve with regard to your tech resources and how you deliver mission-critical applications to your end users.

"Today, the U.S. and global economy is going through a series of shifts and changes that are reshaping the economic landscape," said Steve King of Emergent Research, as quoted by the source. "In this new landscape, many people are using the power of the cloud to re-imagine the idea of small business and create new, innovative models that work for their needs."

Daniel Hristov, CEO of Deskgod Inc., recently wrote an article for Business 2 Community highlighting the many ways that cloud can be used within an organization. His insight affirmed that cloud-based resources can help you realize your mobility goals, collaborative efforts and even virtual desktops.
So, where does your firm stand with regard to the cloud phenomenon, and how do you plan to make the most of its power?