Data Center Optimization Efforts Demand New IT Partnerships

As IT has become increasingly vital to organizations' operations and development prospects, decision-makers across a range of sectors have placed a greater emphasis on data center optimization to keep up with the flow of traffic. However, the vast majority of internal IT teams are not prepared for the heavy demands of today's database maintenance and advancement needs. This means that business leaders must create alliances with dedicated service providers that know how to make the most of available network assets while mapping out a blueprint for the future of a firm's tech environment.

The meeting of man and machine

It can be easy to overlook the importance of IT partnerships in an era that rewards independent, visionary thinking - many executives still maintain the opinion that a business should be largely self-reliant. However, most in-house tech teams simply cannot go it alone when tasked with the management of such a rapidly evolving digital landscape. While technology has come a long way in terms of automation and self-sufficiency, it still takes a well-orchestrated approach to realize the potential of these modern tools.

A recent article from Data Center Dynamics emphasized the role of the human element in the context of next-gen infrastructure, suggesting that technology can only achieve so much before a personal touch is required to optimize systems. The source pointed out that while advancements such as automated data center infrastructure management tools can be useful to target pain points and gather key network insights, expert guidance is ultimately required to take meaningful action. Danny Johnson, a director of technical operations with Digital Reality, said the same of DCIM.

"It is a tool - something that allows us to take a large amount of data and use that to more effectively or more efficiently operate the data center," Johnson told the source. "A human being still needs to come in and switch breakers, do emergency operations, ensure the generator is taking on the facility or call somebody when something doesn't switch right. Human interaction will never be replaced by DCIM."

Don't hesitate to ask

Data Center Dynamics was adamant about keeping a close eye on network assets no matter how advanced a monitoring platform may be. HP Critical Facilities Services distinguished technologist Richard L. Sawyer noted that three components - IT architecture, facilities infrastructure and human input - are essential for successful data center management and virtualization efforts.
"You have to spend the same amount of concern and resources putting processes into the people element as you do any other piece of the data center, otherwise you are going to lose it," Sawyer told the news provider.

Do it yourself if possible

Too many decision-makers in the modern business world have learned the hard way that IT alliances are necessary to reap the benefits of contemporary solutions. Although consulting is essential to pull ahead, recently noted that organizations must also provide their staff members with the training and educational resources necessary to tackle problems internally. In other words, a balance must be found between third-party assistance and in-house capabilities. No company wants to be entirely reliant on outside help to complete its IT objectives.