Empower Millennial Generation Workers with Mobility

Members of the millennial generation are drastically different from any workforce age group that came before, and you've probably already noticed some significant cultural gaps forming in your organization as a result of these disparities. Those born after 1985 are saturating office environments across the private and public sectors, but not all of these individuals are willing to sit in their assigned seats. BYOD and remote access policies have made it easier than ever to provide Gen Y workers with the telecommuting capabilities they need to stay productive in their preferred environments and schedules.

Of course, initiating a mobility strategy isn't so simple as equipping workers with a login and password to company networks. You need to leverage technologies such as virtual desktop infrastructure, orchestrate detailed remote access policies and ensure that employees are acutely aware of the security implications of their teleworking privileges. If you can create a safe, high-performing mobile ecosystem, you'll surely attract the best of the millennial generation talent pool and allow them to realize their full potential in the workplace.

Start with IT

Mobile may seem like a self-explanatory enterprise strategy, but the process of setting up an effective plan is more involved and nuanced than you may think. You need to develop a network that can handle an influx of remote users and deliver exceptional performance regardless of where applications need to be delivered. Virtualization is a powerful answer to these problems, as virtual desktop instances are capable of being replicated and distributed to wherever end users request. Leverage software-defined solutions as a first step in drawing a mobile blueprint.

CLO Media explored the prominent role that cloud computing plays in the millennial generation's personal and workplace habits, pointing out that the demographic has been brought up alongside modern technological development, especially mobile devices.

"Employees, especially Gen Yers, have an intimate relationship with their own device and would prefer to use them over an employer-supplied device. With cloud applications accessible via personal mobile devices, through BYOD plans, and the millennial generation's melding of their social and professional lives, cloud applications will inevitably be utilized in non-work-related experiences.

Policy rules

Technology won't do much for your organization if you don't have a well-considered policy to properly put these tools into action. An article from Training Journal recommended that every BYOD policy have clearly-defined cyber security protocols, plenty of risk mitigation features and a training program designed to keep every mobile user on the same page. Education is especially important for a millennial generation that may think they know it all when it comes to everything tech-related.

Seeing results

You've been made well aware of the advantages that enterprise mobility brings to the table. Training Journal affirmed that remote access can boost employee engagement, promote innovative thinking and push workers to produce more consistent, quality work. If you feel like you're lagging behind the times in terms of your mobile strategy, be sure to take advantage of virtualization, create strong user policies and keep the pulse of millennial demands to become a leader in this burgeoning area.