Overcoming cloud migration roadblocks

The cloud is all the rage across the private and public sectors, but if you've encountered difficulties migrating your legacy assets to off-premise environments, you aren't the only one. According to recent research from CompTIA's Fifth Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study, widespread cloud adoption is not without its challenges. You owe it to yourself and your organization to speak up when faced with migration roadblocks and seek the support of a dedicated service provider to help guide you toward the cloud infrastructure of your dreams.

Bumps in the road
There's no shortage of enthusiasm for the cloud, reported CompTIA, which revealed a 90 percent adoption rate in its latest survey findings. However, the road to the cloud is not without its cracks in the pavement - the source showed that 28 percent of respondents claimed it required significant effort to orchestrate the initial stages of the cloud transition, despite widespread perceptions of its simplicity. As it turns out, leveraging this groundbreaking technology takes time, coordination and the support of stakeholder groups throughout the organization.

CompTIA also revealed that things don't get any easier when cloud migrations enter their later phases. In fact, 68 percent stated that even more effort and resources were required of their organizations when putting the finishing touches on their transitional projects. It's in the second half of the adoption process that IT leaders must proceed with caution and ensure their applications make it to their off-premise destinations without losing functionality or data.

"This may come as a surprise to some firms, as they may hold an expectation that the initial migration and integration posed the largest obstacles to smooth cloud operations," said Seth Robinson, analysis director with CompTIA. Integration may be further complicated by lines of business procuring their own applications without being aware of how they will fit into the overall system."

Partner up and prevail
This study may reveal to you a harsh truth about the nature of IT modernization: At the end of the day, you can't expect to handle a massive cloud migration on your own, especially when faced with the challenges of enterprise mobility, data center consolidation and all the other pressures of today's IT landscape. Teaming up with a vendor that knows the lay of the land on-premise and off can be the key that unlocks your ideal cloud blueprint and helps make it a reality.