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Is Your Cyber Security Strategy Prepared for a New Era of Threats?

Unless you've been unplugged for years, you've likely heard about the countless data breaches and cyber security incidents that have plagued corporate and public organizations' networks. In the digital world, there is no shortage of cybercriminals and other malicious attackers eager to exploit...

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Government Agencies Play Catch-Up on Mobile Device Management

Although the U.S. government has made cutting-edge technology a priority in recent years, its efforts have not seen the results decision-makers expected, especially with regard to mobile device management. Enterprise mobility strategies have saturated the enterprise landscape at a rapid pace, yet...

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IT Leaders Steer Budgets Toward Data Center Optimization

IT ecosystems may vary from one organization to the next, and even though a handful of trends are seeing widespread use in today's market, it's rare to see computing assets laid out the same exact way in any two scenarios. While variety is alive and well in the world of IT, however, one thing is...

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Virtualization Empowers SMBs With Modernized Tech Solutions

You don't have to be a giant in your industry to leverage IT solutions that pack an enterprise-grade punch. That's because today's tech is engineered to level the playing field and offer smaller organizations the chance to step into the arena with more established rivals.

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Federal IT Coordinators Kick Initiatives into High Gear

The next generation of IT is alive and well in the corporate world, with advancements in cloud computing, data analytics and mobile device integration all finding their place in the modern business environment. However, federal decision-makers are still seeking to reap the benefits of these...

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