Accelera Introduces a New Cloud Service

One of the questions we’ve heard from our customers when delivering a Citrix virtual desktop or application solution to their employees, is, “how do we ensure application and desktop availability to all users, all the time?”  Manually logging into the system periodically throughout the day provides little value, and no one wants to pay an engineer to constantly perform manual tests.  This is where Accelera’s new service, “ASI Inspect” comes in.  ASI Inspect is a new cloud service provided by Accelera, and powered by Goliath Technologies, a leader in automated application availability testing.  This new offering fulfills our desire to deliver an automated service to our clients that provides advanced warning when applications and/or desktops are not accessible.  One of our key objectives was to make sure the service tested every aspect of the logon process to validate that all infrastructure components were available. We needed to simulate a user logon, so that we tested the system in the same fashion, and accessed the same components in the same way a real user would.  If anything was found to be out of the ordinary, we’d need to alert an administrator.  We selected Goliath Technologies as the engine that powers this new service because of capabilities that only Goliath could provide.  For example:

  • True Citrix Delivery Infrastructure Validation – confirms that the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure will work at the time of access. This includes NetScaler, Storefront, Delivery Controller, XenDesktop, XenApp, Active Directory and Virtual Server Infrastructure.
  • Real-Time Alerting – Advance warning alerts to application failure or logon/launch slowness.
  • Reporting – On-demand or scheduled historical analysis of launch success and failures.
  • Dashboard – Real-time view of logon tests and success/failure validation (image below.)

Goliath Screenshot.png

ASI Inspect does not require software in the customer’s data center and is fully managed in, and delivered from the cloud.  Logon and launch validation is provided to customers in the form of real-time metrics, real-time alerts, and historical reports.  The service allows for the testing of published applications and/or virtual desktops on a scheduled basis, regardless of the testing location. 

In summary, Accelera’s ASI Inspect is a cloud-based service that automates the testing of Citrix desktops and applications, tests and confirms they are available, and alerts administrators to any potential problems. If the logon fails or is slow, alerts are generated before end users are impacted.  With ASI Inspect we can now provide advanced warning of system issues to our customers, in better than real time.

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