Chief Information Officers Take on The Nexus of Forces

Today's CIOs face challenges unique not only to their field, but the era in which they operate, emphasizing the specialized nature of tech in the contemporary business and government landscapes. With the widespread adoption of technologies known collectively as the Nexus of Forces - Gartner's name for the intersection of mobile, cloud social and big data - decision-makers have their work cut out for them in the forthcoming years.

New tech meets heightened demands

Expectations are sky-high for the modern CIO, as these decision-makers are tasked with leading their organizations into a new age of digital functionality. While Gartner shed light on four key trends with its Nexus of Forces, it is ultimately up to executive leaders to put these technologies to use in a transformative fashion. Thankfully, virtualization initiatives have the potential to spark innovation in each of these particular areas, providing organizations with consolidated resources and a new perspective on infrastructure control.

Why are virtual environments so conducive to a fully modernized IT outlook? According to FCW, these initiatives are designed specifically to address the key concerns and objectives of today's tech demands. Cost-effectiveness and resource efficiency are perhaps the most compelling advantages granted by this approach. The source explained that prior to widespread server virtualization, federal IT assets were far underutilized - unnecessary data duplication and redundancy ran rampant throughout agency infrastructures. Virtualized configurations ensure that each server realizes its full value.

Resource efficiency isn't the only benefit to be reaped by migrating legacy assets to a virtual setting. FCW pointed out that these environments are optimized for the adoption of next-gen resources such as mobile device management solutions and remote access capabilities. With global demands forcing employees to take their work on the go, the advantages of a mobilized network are undeniable.

Security takes precedence

Even with so many promising innovations making their way into the IT landscape, decision-makers can't forget about the ever-present concern of cyber security. Dell's Tech Page One laid out how the Nexus of Forces will influence network defense strategies, suggesting that CIOs will need to buckle down in order to fend off a host of new threats.

“Companies are investing in personnel skills and expertise to tackle the increasing specialization and complexity of security, brought about by advanced targeted attacks (ATAs) and the Nexus of Forces,”

Ruggero Contu, research director at Gartner, reportedly stated in a 2014 study, according to the source.

The next generation of IT is well underway, with virtualized environments serving as the foundation for cutting-edge innovation across sectors. Decision-makers must confidently and quickly adopt these resources if they want to master their domains in the digital age.